Our Teachers

All of the teachers at Blue Water Yoga are qualified, registered yoga teachers.

Kerryn Godfrey

I attended my first yoga class over 30 years ago and the connection was immediate and enduring. Without any understanding of the true purpose of this ancient science, I knew that my body felt better, my mind was much calmer and that the practice connected me to something that was familiar and nurturing – a deep, vibrant and peaceful stillness.

Over years of practice, this connection deepened and developed into a passion to share the benefits of yoga and I eventually began teaching in 2005, completing teacher training in the Rishiculture Ashtanga (Gitananda) tradition. I am also a Certified Svaroopa® Yoga teacher, an Embodyment® Therapist, and a teacher with the Art of Living Foundation.

I am grateful to all my teachers for their love, support and guidance and especially give thanks to HH Sri Sri Ravi Shankar for shining the light on me!

Kathy Willie

I’m passionate about teaching Yoga to bring positive change and wellness to others. Teaching Yoga in a non-judgemental, friendly and welcoming environment, where Yoga is for everyone.

With practice, I believe Yoga can develop into something much more, bringing positive self-transformation in helping us through life. Beyond the asanas (postures) and diving deeper: connecting with our body, while calming the mind, through breath (pranayama) and meditation.

Beginning my yoga journey over 16 years ago, the yoga process has challenged my values and had an effect on me physically, emotionally and mentally.  It has nurtured me and rewarded me with courage, clarity and insight.

I have traveled solo to Ashrams in India, Bali and around Victoria, deepening my practice and my knowledge. This experience of many different yoga retreats, workshops and various styles of Yoga, has expanded my mind and my skills .

With the desire to give back to Yoga and share the joy, I completed Yoga teacher training, Diploma of Hatha Yoga in 2018. (Teacher Sally Louise).

I am deeply grateful for the loving support and knowledge that my teachers – Kerryn, Sal, Guruji  – share with me and the faith they continue to give.