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Yin Yoga offers us a slow, restorative style of practice that nurtures both body and mind. The poses are held for longer periods of time allowing you to open and lengthen the connective tissues of your body, and to release tensions. The use of bolsters, blocks, and blankets is encouraged to provide support and comfort in the poses.

After unwinding the knots, you get to relax completely, immersed in the beautiful sounds of Tibetan and Crystal singing bowls.

This practice is suitable for everyone, including those with no previous yoga experience.

When: the 3rd Saturday of each month, 4-5.30pm. The next date is September 17th.

Teacher: Sherrill Harvey

Investment: Sgl Pass $40; Bring a Friend $65 for 2

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Yoga Nidra is one of  Yoga’s super-powered practices for deep rest!

Your body gains all the benefits of restful sleep but it’s in deep yogic relaxation.  Your mind is awake and alert but not overly concerned with the surroundings, allowing you to rest in a state of relaxed awareness. 

As you move energy and breath together, you settle into a deep StillPoint within yourself. Your mind rests in a vast and spacious state of tranquil awareness.

When: Friday September 2nd, 7.30 – 8.30pm

Teacher: Kerryn Godfrey

Investment: $25

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Experience the bliss of your own being!


Yoga’s texts tell us that this blissful state is inherent in each and every one of us, but that the busyness of our minds prevents us from experiencing this, other than in fleeting moments.


Svaroopa Yoga, AKA the Yoga of Bliss, provides us with the techniques to reliably access this state. The precise aligments, strategic propping, and hands-on adjustments create a way in to the deepest layers of your self.


This is the goal of all true Yoga practices! Come and try it for yourself in this 2 hour workshop.


When: Saturday September 10th, 2.30-4.30pm

Teacher: Kerryn Godfrey

Investment: $50

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You know you feel good after a yoga class. But how much better could you feel?

Experience the difference a targeted, daily practice for a whole month can make to your body and your life. Unravel many of the deep-seated tensions that have accumulated over the years and develop a new relationship with your body by breaking through old patterns, aches and pains. Challenge yourself to ‘Do More Yoga’.

What is the challenge?

This is an event that challenges you to expand beyond your normal yoga class or practice and commit to following a set series of poses every day for a period of 28 days.

Benefit from the support and encouragement of a group of yogis, who just like you, want to expand their own practice. You will be guided through the 5 week process, starting on September 13th.


When: Tuesdays – Sept 13th at 6-7.30pm; September 20th & 27th, October 4th & 11th at 6-7pm.

Teacher: Kerryn Godfrey

Investment: $95

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