Thailand Divorce Agreement

By October 11, 2021Uncategorised

It is not necessary to be accompanied by a lawyer or to have divorce documents prepared by a lawyer. But having a lawyer can help explain things better. A divorce agreement is actually a divorce agreement or contract between the outgoing couple that mentions issues related to the divorce, including the division of property, maintenance, custody, access rights of the non-guardian parent, etc. The two parties negotiate and reach a mutual agreement through a divorce agreement in order to avoid a judicial divorce that usually takes an enormous amount of time. The purpose of a divorce agreement is to regularize all agreements concluded between outgoing spouses in the spouses of The Hague concerning custody, maintenance, maintenance or “alimony” and the division of property. It is a legally binding document in which you and your spouse can agree on the terms of your divorce and cover a range of issues such as child maintenance, spouse maintenance, division of property, custody and access rights, as well as any other issues relevant to your situation. In the event of divorce for adultery, compensation may be granted to the innocent spouse. A spouse may apply for a living allowance if the reasons for the divorce were only the fault of one spouse. However, this right shall lapse when the party receiving the aid remarries. Moreover, according to the principle of Community property, property and property acquired during the marriage belong in the same way to both spouses, even after the divorce. Such property and immovable property shall be divided between the spouses, taking into account Thai law and the facts of the case. It should be noted, however, that a divorce contract and a marriage contract can change the distribution of property and property between outgoing spouses. .

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