Blue Water Yoga

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the busyness of your life? Work, family, social, wellbeing – how to fit it all in? Do you wonder if this is just how it is? Or do you have a sense that it could be different but you’re not sure how to change things?

Yoga’s viewpoint is that while we often can’t change what’s happening outside ourselves, we can certainly regulate our inner experience. We start by working with the body and the breath but really, all of Yoga’s practices are for our mind! So right from the beginning, you start to feel better: calmer, steadier, less reactive and more peaceful.

With reduced stress levels, your body functions more effectively, you have greater clarity and focus and find more joy in life as your ability to be fully present allows you to really notice what’s happening, instead of being lost in your thoughts .

At Blue Water Yoga we believe that everyone can benefit from doing yoga.  You don’t have to be fit or flexible, or have your mind under control: you can start now, from where you are!

Most people come to yoga for the poses, to improve strength, flexibility and balance, but the benefits extend beyond your body.  Yoga offers a huge range of different practices, both physical and non-physical, all of which are designed to develop steadiness in the body and a calm, clear, steady, peaceful mind.

As a teacher, I see that yoga works its own way with students; gradually unravelling the layers of tension that we each develop and creating a space where we can connect with our true nature, which is ease, peace and joy. It is a privilege to be a part of this process.

Kerryn Godfrey
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