Uspp Note Purchase Agreement

By October 13, 2021Uncategorised

The parent company confirms (and each USPP bond creditor acknowledges) that all existing debt securities held by USPP bondholders have been replaced at the time of their entry into force by new USPP bonds issued under the USPP Debt Agreement for a declared term of 14 February 2014, the USPP Debt Agreement constituting an “existing financial document” for all purposes covered by this Agreement: t. The parent company and each USPP bondholder confirms that the USPP Notes Agreement contains provisions having the same material effect as clauses 8.1 (waiver of certain existing defaults) and 8.2 (replacement and/or deletion of certain provisions) above (if any). All payments made under the new obligations by the undersigned in accordance with this guarantee shall be made in dollars to the holders for their ratifiable advantage according to the method and address indicated in the USPP partition contract. The obligations of the parent company set forth in this clause 17 with respect to USPP bondholders apply in addition to all other cost and expense provisions in the USPP Loan Arrangement (provided that no USPP bondholder may recover more than once in connection with the financial documents for the same share of all costs and expenses). This warranty may be modified in accordance with Section 17 of the USPP Partition Agreement….