Are you longing for some time to rest and reconnect with yourself?
Join us for our ‘NOURISHMENT’ Retreat on April 24th
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Nourishment Retreat

Step Out Of Busyness

And Into Flow

 Develop Strength, Steadiness & Serenity as Tools for Life

Helping people develop strength and steadiness of body, mind and emotions so they can be fully present and receptive to the flow of Life.


Blue Water Yoga, Ocean Grove, offers classes, courses, workshops and yoga therapy in the peaceful surrounds of The Lakeroom.  This private studio is fully equipped and overlooks the tranquil Blue Waters Lake.  Our teachers excel at providing skilful support for all levels of experience.


Yoga provides multiple benefits, improving strength and mobility and creating steadiness of mind and emotions.

We offer a range of classes to meet different needs:-

Beginners Yoga

Body Mind & Breath

Svaroopa® Yoga

Slow Flow

Strong Flow

Private Classes

Private classes and Yoga Therapy treatments are available by appointment.

Corporate Yoga and Mindfulness sessions are also available.

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Yoga Classes

Yoga Therapy

Workshops & Events