Msca If Grant Agreement

By September 28, 2021Uncategorised

Secondments interrupted before the expiry of the minimum duration of one month due to the COVID-19 situation may be considered as a whole month if the above-mentioned teleworking systems are put in place and provided that the beneficiary has transferred the reload allowance (category A) to the seconded employee. Costs of secondments that are not carried out due to the COVID-19 situation (e.g.B. travel and living expenses) may be eligible under the conditions set out in Article 51 of the MSCA grant for H2020. ยท the researcher has expressly consented to the resulting temporary suspension/reduction of salary; However, the beneficiary may consider using an unspent part of the institutional unit costs (research, training and network costs (only for MSCA ITN and IF) and/or management costs (for COFUND) and indirect costs) to financially support the researcher during the period of suspension (in accordance with Article 4(2) of the MSCA grant for H2020). . . .