Validation Agreement Epo

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We do not pay a renewal and validation fee unless we are mandated to do so. If the deadline is not met, it is possible to pay a renewal and validation fee at an additional 50% within an additional period. Greece needs a notarized mandate for the first validation of a European patent in Greece by a patent holder. The EPO has a number of agreements with other countries. Under these agreements, the European patent application can be “extended” to the choice by paying an additional tax to these countries (if any). Much of the cost of validation is related to the creation of translations, for a good reason. Rules on the importance of translation accuracy vary from country to country. In some cases, the original text is reset to litigation or infringement rights, but in others, this is not the case, or at least there are interpretations that third-party rights may arise during the period during which an inaccurate translation is in effect. Agreement between the Government of the Kingdom of Morocco and the European Patent Organization on the validation of European patents (validation agreement) It would be difficult for countries that have applied for EPO validation agreements to maintain different policies and country by country. Extension and validation systems are largely identical to the contracting state designation system. For example, the time to pay the renewal/validation fee is the time it takes to pay the designation fee.

However, extension and validation systems are not based on the direct application of the EBE, but only on national law applicable under the EBE. They are therefore subject to the national rules of extension/validation of the country concerned. The accession of Angola and Laos, both the fewest and the OAPI (of the 17 members of the OAPI, 12 are the least accessible. This transitional period was last extended in 2013 until 1 July 2021. Details can be found here. In addition, they are not required to issue or enforce patents for drugs until at least 2033. The conclusion of a validation agreement with the EPO without reference to transitional periods for LDCs and the exclusion of patents for medicines may lead to the early closure of the transitional window. If Laos or Angola agreed to recognize the validity of epo`s patents without exception, this would nullify one of the most powerful flexibilities for LDCs. OAPI amended the Bangui agreement on the implementation of the LDC exception (although this amendment is not yet in force). See also here. Here you will find a model use of this flexibility of the LDC.

For the full list of validation agreements concluded by the European Patent Organisation, please see the following table: If the renewal or validation fee for a country is paid, the patent holder, when issuing the European patent, may decide to validate his patent in that country by filing all the necessary translations and paying the necessary taxes.