Agreement Between Nations To Aid And Protect One Another Is

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the Treaty on the European Union: an agreement reached in 1991 in the Dutch city of Maastricht, in which the Member States of the European Union agreed on plans for their future, including economic union and the introduction of the single currency. It came into force in 1993. a country that makes an agreement with another country, which they will work together to help each other, especially in a war In 1935, Mussolini Italy decided to annex Abyssinia (Ethiopia) and the League tried to animate between the two countries with little success. In December 1935, the British Foreign Minister, Samuel Hoare, made a secret plan with French Prime Minister Pierre Laval – outside the League of Nations – and concluded the Hoare Laval Pact to give most of the territory of Abyssinian to Mussolini. Two months later, information about the Hoare Laval pact was leaked and Hoare resigned from the cabinet[21] amid public resistance to appeasement. [22] The episode severely tarnished the league`s reputation[22] because it showed that the league could not serve as an effective channel for resolving international disputes. [23] The European Convention on Human Rights: a 1953 Treaty That Protects the Fundamental Rights and Freedoms of Persons in Europe The BWC prohibits the development, storage, supply, conservation and manufacture of biological agents and toxins “of types and quantities that have no justification for prophylactic, protective or other purposes for peaceful purposes” , as well as weapons, equipment and delivery vehicles “intended to use such agents or toxins for hostile purposes or in armed conflicts.” When the treaty was renewed in February 1887, Italy received an empty promise of its support for Italian colonial ambitions in North Africa, in exchange for Italy`s continued friendship. Austria-Hungary had to be pressured by German Chancellor Otto von Bismarck to accept the principles of consultation and mutual agreement with Italy on all zoning changes initiated in the Balkans or on the coasts and islands of the Adriatic and Aegean.