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Practising kriya in a group generates a different energy than you experience in your home practice.

We begin with some gentle asana and then settle into pranayama and kriya.  Open to anyone who has completed an Art of Living Pt1 course (also known as the Happiness Course).

When: TBA. All the Happy People welcome!

Cost: By donation
Bookings & Enquiries: Kerryn 0413955331


Sometimes known as conscious or psychic sleep, Yoga Nidra is a systematic method of inducing complete physical, mental and emotional relaxation. In this state of dynamic sleep, your body is resting deeply and your mind is relaxed and alert. It is a restorative practice that is suitable for everyone: if you can breathe, you can do this!

When: TBA
Kerryn Godfrey

Enquiries: Kerryn 0413955331 or email

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Creative, joyful, spacious: that’s how we feel when we are in our Flow state. Join us for a nourishing and grounding practice to help you reconnect with that state of being.

Bend, Stretch and Breathe as you ease the tensions from your body and mind and settle back into your centre, your source of Flow.

Guest teacher, Kirsteen Warrington, shares a range of yoga practices to guide you in finding your Flow.

When: TBA

Teacher: Kirsteen Warrington

Cost: TBA

Enquiries: Kerryn 0413955331 or email

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The Art of Meditation (AOM) is a powerful yet effortless technique that allows the conscious mind to experience the silent depths of its own nature. AOM is also known as Sahaj Samadhi. Sahaj, in Sanskrit, means effortless and Samadhi is the silent yet lively state of awareness that lies at the source of thought – a state beyond waking, sleeping and dreaming that is an unlimited reservoir of energy, intelligence and creative power and a place of infinite peace and tranquility.

The practice of Sahaj Samadhi Meditation brings these qualities of increased energy, clarity, joy, and deep inner peace into our daily experience.

When: TBA
Chris Dale
$250; Student/Senior $150

Enquiries: Kerryn 0413955331 or email

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We spend most of our life preparing to be happy, looking to things outside ourself to bring us happiness. But we experience happiness only when we are in the present moment – a simple concept but difficult in practice!

This course teaches a powerful breathing technique – Sudarshan Kriya – that dissolves stress and negative emotions, calms your mind and uplifts your energy. It provides deep rest for your whole system, creating mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

The course includes gentle yoga, relaxation exercises, meditation and tips on how to ‘manage’ your mind. Suitable for everyone (except pregnant women), this breathing technique has proven especially effective in reducing stress, anxiety, anger and depression.

When: TBA

Cost: $350; Student/Senior $250

Bookings & Enquiries: Kerryn 0413955331 or

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A slower paced class with a focus on establishing the correct alignments and working with the breath to open your body and relieve tension.  Increase your knowledge of the poses and their effects – improve flexibility, build strength, settle your nervous system and calm your mind.

The next course starts April 28th: Tuesdays 6.15pm

When: Tuesdays 6.15-7.15pm; the next course starts TBA

Enquiries: Kerryn 0413955331 or email

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