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Practising kriya in a group generates a different energy than you experience in your home practice.

We begin with some gentle asana and then settle into pranayama and kriya.  Open to anyone who has completed an Art of Living Pt1 course (also known as the Happiness Course).

When: Friday – November 15th: 7.30-9pm.

Cost: By donation
Bookings & Enquiries: Kerryn 0413955331

SVAROOPA®YOGA BEGINNER SERIES –          4 week course

Svaroopa® (swa-roo-pah) yoga is a different and powerful style of yoga: gentle, therapeutic and blissful. It is suitable for ANY body and the supported poses allow profound healing on all levels.

Gain flexibility, improve your sleep, relieve stress and anxiety, increase breathing capacity, improve digestion and calm your mind. This beginners series sets you up with the key poses and helps you to establish a home practice.

When: Monday 9-11am, starts October 7th
Kerryn Godfrey
$120 (includes notes)

Enquiries: Kerryn 0413955331 or email

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