Nourishment Retreat

A space for nourishment, deep rest

and re-alignment with your Self

               FULLY BOOKED!

Join me in the peaceful and tranquil space of the Lakeroom for a full day of  self-nurture and nourishment.


Whether you’re new to Yoga or you have some previous experience, this retreat is for you if:

  • you’re longing for some quiet time to rest and reconnect with your self 
  • you find that the busyness of your daily life leaves little time for reflection and re-alignment to your goals and values
  • you’re curious about the deeper practices of Yoga, going beyond the poses
  • you like the idea of connecting with supportive, like-minded people to explore some of Yoga’s teachings
This full-day retreat includes:
  • a 1.5hr Svaroopa Yoga® practice designed to release deep tensions in your body and your mind
  • a guided Yoga Nidra using a beautiful Tantric technique that re-aligns your energy bodies
  • an introduction to Ayurveda, Yoga’s sister science of holistic wellbeing
  • a delicious vegetarian lunch prepared for you, using Ayurvedic principles
  • an exploration of the koshas – the 5 layers, or sheaths, of our body  and of the doshas – the 3 primary energies that influence our temperament and constitution
  • a guided meditation to experience the koshas
  • time to rest, reflect and reconnect with your Self
  • morning tea & treats
It can be difficult to create the space for restful self-care at home and it’s not always possible to carve out several days to go away. That’s why this one-day Nourishment Retreat could be the perfect gift to yourself or someone you love! 

I love the studio: the outlook , nature – it feels so peaceful and calming to your mind.

And Kerryn has a presence of calmness, with instructions that are easy to understand and follow, especially as I have never done yoga before.

Sallie Volk

The atmosphere you create is calming and restorative and you bring lightness and humour to each session.

Libby Knight

What an amazing space with such nurturing heart felt teachers.

I loved the mini retreat today and got so much out of it on a personal level. Thank you, Namaste ♡

Rani Stokell

I love your ability in making everyone at ease with themselves and their own ability and your in-depth knowledge of Yoga, and the way you share that.

Satpal Soor

Nourishment Retreat

Full Price: $185

Earlybird price until March 31st: $160

Bring a friend BONUS price for 2: $300

Earlybird: FULLY BOOKED!Bring a Friend: FULLY BOOKED!